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How to breed Deedge – you need to do the following: This guide is a comprehensive resource for people who want to become Deedge breeding virtuosos.
Let’s dive into the world of Deedge and learn how to breed and care for these musical monsters. Deedge is one of the most sought-after and beloved creatures in the Monster World. There is an art to ensuring their health, happiness, and harmonious melody.

Table of Contents

Understanding Deedge

Before diving into the breeding process, let’s get to know Deedge a bit better. Deedge is categorized as a Cold Island monster and has a distinct appearance. It features a two-tiered body, which resembles a musical keyboard, and has vibrant, rainbow-colored keys. Its eyes are wide, and it sports a cheerful grin. Deedge’s primary attribute is its musical talent, and it plays an essential role in creating unique melodies on Cold Island. Breeding Deedge is a fantastic way to enhance the musical landscape of your monster world

Breeding Deedge

Breeding Deedge involves a combination of specific elements and monsters on the Cold Island. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you successfully breed Deedge:

Upgrade Your Breeding Structure:

On Cold Island, you have to strengthen your breeding structure if you want to improve your chances of breeding Deedge. The likelihood of producing unusual monsters increases with the quality of the building

Select the Right Monsters:

Deedge can be produced through the union of two particular monsters. Riff and Quibble are the ideal breeding partners for Deedge. On Cold Island, Riff and Quibble are both accessible. Put these creatures in the breeding facility, then watch what happens.

Patience is Key:

In My Singing Monsters, breeding monsters requires patience. Be patient and keep an eye out for results with your breeding structure. Deedge normally takes between 12 and 36 hours to breed.

Nurture and Hatch:

The egg will show up in your breeding structure if you have successfully bred Deedge. By choosing the egg and waiting for the countdown to end, you can hatch it. Your very own Deedge will hatch and be ready to be placed on your Cold Island to increase Deedge’s happiness

Enhancing Deedge's Happiness.

It’s time to start breeding Deedge once the ideal atmosphere has been created. For a peaceful and effective breeding procedure, stick to these guidelines:

Combination 1: T-Rox and Toe Jammer

A T-Rox and a Toe Jammer combination is one of the most typical combinations for Deedge breeding. The miraculous Deedge can be produced by this mixture. For best results, make sure both monsters are at least level 4.

Combination 2: T-Rox and Tweedle

Breeding a T-Rox with a Tweedle is an alternate combo. A Deedge may also be produced by this mixture. Make sure your monsters are level 4 or higher and in great condition.

Combination 3: T-Rox and Congle

Try breeding a T-Rox and a Congle for an unusual strategy. This mixture may result in a Deedge. Keep in mind that facing high-level monsters increases your chances of winning.

Combination 4: Air and Water Islands

Air and Water Islands are also breeding grounds for Deedge. Combine native to these islands monsters to do this. Use an Entbrat and a Clamble, both at level 4 or higher, for instance, on Air Island. A Bowgart and a Repatillo can be partnered for Deedge breeding on Water Island

Maintaining Your Deedge

Take into account these happiness-enhancing suggestions to keep your Deedge happy and functioning at its peak:

Feed and Level Up:

To level up your Deedge, regularly feed it. As a result, it is happier and generates more musical notes on Cold Island

Decorate the Island:

Adorn the Island: Adorn your Cold Island with ornaments to make all of your creatures, including Deedge, happier

Place Monsters on the Island:

Put other monsters all around your Deedge to provide peaceful group performances. Monsters enjoy companionship, which makes them happier

Collect Coins and Treats:

Make sure to gather the cash and sweets that your monsters produce. These are necessary for feeding and keeping your Deedge content.


For any Monster World aficionado, raising and caring for Deedge is a pleasant and enriching experience. You can successfully breed, care for, and take pleasure in the songs of these unique creatures by according to the procedures and combinations described in this manual. Just keep in mind that each Deedge is special and that your island will benefit from their musical talents

FAQ: How to Breed Deedge

This FAQ is meant to answer all of your pressing questions if you’re attracted by the concept of breeding Deedge, the alluring and musically talented monsters in the Monster World.

What is Deedge, and why are they so special?

Deedge is an exceptional monster renowned for its exceptional musical abilities. They are able to play a variety of musical instruments and have wonderful voices. They are unique because they provide your Monster World a harmonizing dimension.

Where can I find Deedge?

A number of islands, including Plant, Cold, Air, and Water Islands, contain deedge. Depending on the island, different combinations are needed for breeding Deedge.

What are the basic requirements for breeding Deedge?

To successfully breed Deedge, you should:
• Create a musically inspiring environment with plenty of musical instruments.
• Ensure your monsters are at least level 4.
• Choose the right combination of monsters depending on the island you’re on.

How can I breed Deedge on Plant Island?

On Plant Island, to breed Deedge, couple a T-Rox with a Toe Jammer, both at least level 4. This mixture has the capacity to create a Deedge.

What is the breeding combination for Deedge on Cold Island?

Try mating a T-Rox and a Toe Jammer, both at least level 4, on Cold Island. There is a potential that this pairing will produce a Deedge.

How can I breed Deedge on Air Island?

On Air Island, breed Deedge by combining a T-Rox and a Congle that are both at least level 4. This combination may produce a Deedge.

What about breeding Deedge on Water Island?

When breeding Deedge on Water Island, pair a Bowgart with a Repatillo that are both at least level 4. The result of this combination could be a Deedge

How do I take care of my Deedge after breeding?

For your Deedge to be happy and perform well, you must take care of them:
• To keep them content, feed them frequently.
• Keep leveling up your Deedge to gain access to new sounds and features.
• Experiment with various musical pairings to uncover their individual skills.

Can I level up my Deedge too much?

No, there is no such thing as over leveling your Deedge. They become more adaptable and creative as you level them up, opening up new sounds and harmonies.

How can I maximize the musical potential of my Deedge?

To fully utilize their abilities, try combining Deedge with other musical elements, or combine them with other monsters to produce distinctive harmonies. The variety of melodies they can generate is going to amaze you.
For every Monster World fan, raising and breeding Deedge is an amazing experience. You’ll be well on your way to appreciating the melodic sounds of these remarkable creatures by adhering to the proper combinations and taking good care of your Deedge.

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