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How To Add Dashboards to Unleashed X: We’ll walk you through the process of adding dashboards to Unleashed X in this post to help you get the most of your inventory management program.
In the frenetic business environment of today, data is king. Organizations must access to real-time, actionable insights if they are to make informed decisions and remain competitive. Unleashed X is a potent inventory management software program that gives companies the tools they need to take charge of their inventory, reorganize their processes, and increase productivity.
The ability to build personalized dashboards is one of the primary features that Unleashed X provides, enabling customers to display and monitor critical business data in a way that best matches their requirements. Effective inventory management is necessary to keep ahead of the competition in the fast-paced corporate world of today. Unleashed X can help with this by providing a variety of useful features and solutions that enable organizations to streamline their operations

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What Are Dashboards in Unleashed X?

Let’s first define dashboards in Unleashed X before moving on to the process of adding them. Dashboards are graphic user interfaces that display important data and metrics in a clear, understandable manner.
They serve as a central location for tracking your inventory-related KPIs, performance indicators, and other crucial data, giving you quick and easy access to information about the state of your company.
Users can create, edit, and configure dashboards in Unleashed X to display the data they wish to see. To display the data that is most pertinent to your operations, you can select from a range of widgets and charts, including bar charts, pie charts, tables, and more.

Why Dashboards Matter

Dashboards are the starting point for thorough data analysis. They provide real-time, quick insights and enable you to gather important data in one area. Dashboards in Unleashed X are a game-changer since they give you thorough summaries of your inventory, sales, and purchase data. Let’s now examine how to maximize the use of this essential instrument.

Adding Dashboards to Unleashed X

Now, let’s get started on the process of adding dashboards to Unleashed X:

Log In to Your Unleashed X Account:

The first thing to do is enter your login information to access your Unleashed X account. If you don’t already have one, you must make one

Navigate to the Dashboard Section:

The dashboard feature can be found in your Unleashed X account after logging in. Create a new dashboard by selecting the “Dashboard” menu or option

Create a New Dashboard:

You can choose to create a new dashboard in the dashboard area. In the platform’s interface, select the “Create New Dashboard” button or a comparable choice.

Name Your Dashboard:

Name your dashboard something memorable and accurate. This will make it simple for you and your team to understand the dashboard’s purpose

Select Widgets and Charts:

Select the charts and widgets you wish to use in your dashboard. You can include tables, charts like bar or pie charts, and other relevant widgets that show the data you require.

Customize Widget Data:

You’ll need to modify the information that widgets on your dashboard display once you’ve installed them. For the dashboard to give the insights you need, you may need to set the data source, filters, and other factors.

Save and Publish:

Make sure to save your changes after configuring your dashboard. You may also choose to publish the dashboard so that other users in your business can access it.

View and Monitor Your Dashboard:

You can now access your dashboard at any moment since it has been created and stored. You can use it to make data-driven decisions because it will present real-time data and graphics.

Edit and Update:

You can modify and update your dashboards as your business requirements change to ensure they continue to offer pertinent insights.

Guidelines for Creating Effective Dashboards

Although adding dashboards to Unleashed X is rather simple, it’s important to stick to a few best practices to get the most out of this feature:

Keep it Simple:

Stay away from unnecessary information and clutter. Pay attention to the most important KPIs and data elements.

Regularly Review and Update:

Make sure your dashboards represent the objectives and priorities of your existing business. Review them frequently, and make any necessary updates.


By sending appropriate team members dashboards, you may promote collaboration. By doing this, it is made possible for everyone to be in agreement and to base decisions on the same information

4. Data Security:

Take care while displaying data in dashboards, especially if several users can access them. Assure the security of important data.


Your staff should receive training on how to use and analyze the data on the dashboards
By following to these guidelines, you can get the most out of Unleashed X’s dashboard function and transform data into useful insights.

Benefits of Unleashed X Dashboards

Adding dashboards to Unleashed X is a strategic move that offers an array of benefits:

Real-time Data Insights

Dashboards give you immediate views into your sales, purchase, and inventory data. This enables you to quickly adjust to market developments by enabling you to make informed judgments on the spot.

Increased Efficiency

You’ll spend less time looking for information and more time making crucial decisions if all your vital data is in one location. Your operations become more efficient as a result of this simplification.


You can customize your dashboards in Unleashed X to meet your own business requirements. This degree of personalization makes sure you’re constantly viewing the information that matters most to you.

Enhanced Reporting

Comprehensive report generation is made simpler by dashboards. Strategic planning benefits greatly from this since it allows you to spot patterns, measure performance, and pinpoint areas that need work.

An advantage over competitors

Being on the cutting edge is crucial in the economic world today. Your competitive advantage comes from Unleashed X dashboards, which provide you the resources you need to exceed your rivals.


In conclusion, adding dashboards into Unleashed X can drastically change how you handle your inventory and make choices. You acquire a potent tool that can boost productivity and business growth when you can personalize and display your data. Unleashed X can help you customize dashboards that will maximize the capabilities of your inventory management system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Adding Dashboards to Unleashed X

What are dashboards in Unleashed X?

In Unleashed X, dashboards are programmable visual representations of significant data and metrics. They give you a concise and understandable overview of your KPIs and performance indicators for your inventory.

How can I access the dashboard feature in Unleashed X?

Log into your Unleashed X account and look for the “Dashboard” item in the navigation menu to access the dashboard function. To create and administer dashboards, click this area

How do I create a new dashboard in Unleashed X?

The steps below should be followed to establish a new dashboard in Unleashed X:
• Open your Unleashed X account and log in.
• Go to the “Dashboard” section by navigating.
• Select “Create New Dashboard” or a comparable choice.
• Label the dashboard.
• Decide whatever charts and widgets you want to use and then personalize them.
• Save your dashboard, and then you can publish it.

Can I customize the widgets and charts in my dashboard?

You can alter the widgets and charts in your dashboard in Unleashed X, yes. To customize the dashboard to your needs, you can select from a variety of chart styles (bar charts, pie charts, tables, etc.) and specify data sources, filters, and other factors

How can I ensure the security of my dashboard data in Unleashed X?

Data security is something that must be taken seriously. Make sure that private data is kept secure and that only authorized individuals have access to certain dashboards. For advice on data security, speak with your IT department or Unleashed X support.

What are some best practices for creating effective dashboards in Unleashed X?

Take into account the following best practices to design Unleashed X dashboards that are effective:
• Maintain simplicity by concentrating on crucial KPIs.
• Review and update your dashboards frequently.
• Work together by distributing dashboards to the appropriate team members.
• Ensure that your team has received the necessary training to properly analyze the data on the dashboard.

Can I edit and update my dashboards in Unleashed X?

In Unleashed X, you may edit and change your dashboards. You should update your dashboards to reflect changes in your company’s priorities and ambitions. Unleashed X has the opportunity to customize your dashboards, which is a useful tool.

How can I share my dashboards with other users in Unleashed X?

You normally have the choice to publish your dashboards within Unleashed X in order to share them with other users. To keep informed and make data-driven decisions, other authorized users can access and view the dashboard after publishing.

Can I create multiple dashboards in Unleashed X?

Yes, Unleashed X allows you to create several dashboards. This enables you to create customized dashboards for various inventory and business operations.

Is training available for using dashboards effectively in Unleashed X?

Unleashed X might offer training materials or support for properly using dashboards. For information on available training and direction, it is advised to consult Unleashed X’s official resources or get in touch with their customer service.
It’s important to keep in mind that Unleashed X’s features and interfaces may change over time. If you have any specific questions regarding integrating dashboards into the platform, you should consult the most recent documentation or contact their support.

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